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never NOT reblogging this. When people say this, they’re implying that a mans natural state is ‘rapist’ - that when they see a woman, they must CONTROL themselves so they don’t rape them - as if they have no control over themselves because they’re some sort of sexual beast. 


this is beautiful. c’:

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I don’t care if you’re a Bieber blog, a hipster blog, a fashion blog, a summer blog, any kind of blog, you will reblog this. This won’t ruin your blogs look, it will show that you actually have a heart and care for people like this.

Our teacher showed this video to our class. In the first clip his sign says “I’m blind help” and no one stops to help. Then a girl comes and changes the sign to what is shown in the video, then a bunch of people start giving him money. I started bawling in the middle of class.

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